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Lab Grown Diamond Rings

Our lab grown diamond rings are handcrafted and sustainably made. Our collection of lab grown diamond rings offers something for everyone, from engagement and wedding rings (offered through our bespoke service) to a go-to everyday piece. We offer a full consulation and customization of any of our luxurious diamond rings—handcrafted to order—inviting you to create a beautiful and one-of-a-kind ring with our boutique service. Our jewelry is always made with female empowerment in mind, made by women for women.

Why choose lab grown diamond rings?

Lab grown diamonds are the future of sustainability. In an industry that has previously used harmful earth-mining processes, we believe in caring for the planet while creating beautiful jewelry. Identical to the look and the touch, the lab grown diamonds we use in all of our rings are luxurious and eco-friendly. What’s more, they’re beautiful and sparkle when set on our 18k recycled solid gold bands, making every lab grown diamond ring we create a work of art.

Our collection of lab grown diamond rings

Available in three gold metal colors, our lab grown diamond rings are made from 18k recycled solid gold. With a selection of diamond colors available, our lab grown diamond rings offer customizability to find the exact look to match your aesthetic.We also invite you to fully customize your ring–from the diamond shape, size or positioning, to the fit and feel of the gold band. Our free consultation can guide you to creating the perfect piece.Our collection of lab grown diamond rings displays a range of designs, from statement one diamond pieces to three or more diamonds in pavé style. 

All of our lab grown diamond rings can be worn as engagement or wedding rings (we design bespoke wedding rings for our customers). Choosing a ring for such an important occasion is a big decision, which is why our selection of styles, all using lab grown diamonds, will help you choose the perfect piece. Similarly, wear any of Zany&Shy’s lab grown diamond rings as an everyday or eternity ring and allow your jewelry to empower you.

How to style your lab grown diamond ring?

For your engagement, wedding (custom-made), or eternity ring, all of our lab grown diamond rings stand out as solo pieces. If you’re looking for modern styling, our collection of lab grown diamond rings stacks perfectly. We encourage you to be playful with your aesthetic and choose the lab grown diamond ring that makes you feel good.

For the minimalists, stacked rings in the same gold metal color or a solo statement lab grown diamond ring will speak to your style. For those who want a bolder look, try mixing and matching your metal colors to add depth and create a confident look.

Whether it's ‘the one’ engagement ring or the go-to everyday jewelry, our lab grown diamond ring collection has depth and variety to offer the very best for you.

The values behind our lab grown diamond rings

We’re planet-lovers, which is why our jewelry is eco-friendly as well as high quality. We’re conscious of the ways we work and the people we work with. Our lab grown diamond rings are handcrafted at a family-run factory in Italy, using ethical processes. The small nature of our business means the people and the process is considered at every stage of the journey, guaranteeing that your lab grown diamond ring has been made with care and consciousness in mind. By wearing our sustainable lab grown diamond rings, you’re making a statement—supporting sustainability whilst wearing jewelry of the finest quality.

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