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Cinderella has many sides. Just like Zany&Shy, she can enjoy the wild moments and the quiet—the perfect accessory for both your wedding day and Sunday lunch with friends. The sustainable earrings intertwine luxury and consciousness with a curtain of lab-grown drop diamonds that effortlessly move and sparkle.

Every piece of Zany&Shy jewelry is made-to-order and handmade in Italy, using lab-grown diamonds and gemstones. We believe in using ethically sourced materials wherever possible, so our conscious consumers can feel beautiful while also doing good for humanity. Please note that all of our sustainable jewelry is handcrafted and may have small but unique differences.

Precious metal band
6.8 g of 18k solid Gold

Lab grown diamond
Count per single earring: 12
Shape: Round
Dimensions per single earring: 2 x 4.0mm, 2 x 3.3mm, 8 x 3.0mm
Carat weight in total 3,2ct in total
Color: D-F
Clarity: VS+

Only available as a pair.

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